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Rami RajakallioMy name is Rami and I am an award winning travel blogger from Tampere, Finland. I’m a 48-year-old father of four kids and love travelling all over the world with my family and friends. I’ve been to 50+ countries and 250+ cities. My travel blog is the most visited travel blog in Finland.

My blog is about personal experiences and journalistic freedom is important to me. Whatever I write about – let it be payed or not – I will report honestly, personal and critical.

Are you looking for exciting new ways to promote your Travel Brand or Destination? If You want to work with me, I would be very happy about your suggestions for blog cooperation and ideas.

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Rami Rajakallio
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Reference – VisitTurku

We get about 450 international and domestic bloggers and press representatives in Turku and the surrounding archipelago through us.

The collaboration with Rami Rajakallio has been very smooth and profitable. Rami is a reliable partner who is very important for us in what it comes to blog collaborations. Through Kohteena Maailma blog we’ve gained such visibility that would have been impossible to get through other channels.

-Satu Hirvenoja / Sales and marketing manager, VisitTurku

One of family collaboration trips in Turku.

One of family collaboration trips in Turku.

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  • 7th best Finnish Travel Blog 2016 by Cision (List published 20.1.2016)
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Beer-flavored dream trips

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Reference – Satoa Goes Wild

Even though we were close to a nervous breakdown in organizing this event I felt privileged to have been able to brainstorm and implement the event together with professionals like Jussi (Vatanen) and Rami Rajakallio who brought in many ideas and thoughts for presenting the Northern Savonian cuisine.

Hat tip to Rami for the blog post that brings up the culinary culture of Kuopio in a great way. Go and read it and spread the word of the gastronomic culture of Kuopio.

-Jarkko Kääriäinen / Satoa goes WILD event producer

Food travel live 24 h stories with Jussi Vatanen in Kuopio & Satoa goes Wild.

Food travel live 24 h stories with Jussi Vatanen in Kuopio & Satoa goes Wild.

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